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If you have been craving the solitude and silence of nature, raw and unfiltered,  camping out for the night in one of our two star beds, the Naledi or Malori, will add an exciting dimension to your safari. Once dusk fades into velvety darkness, the sounds of nocturnal animals and a sky full of brilliant stars will be the only distractions. Choose Naledi, an elevated, open-air platform in the south, or reserve a night at the Malori, a romantic safari tent overlooking the savanna dunes to the west.


Meaning ‘star’ in the local Tswana language, Naledi is a simple sleep-out deck in the Korannaberg mountains. Elevated above a valley with mesmerising views, Naledi is for those who want to experience what it’s like to sleep under the stars out in the open. Equipped with stretcher beds and plenty of warm layers for chilly nights, the deck has a private, open-air bathroom. Nothing detracts from its private and remote setting in the south of the reserve.

A night at Naledi is an optional activity that is included in your stay. It does not need to be booked in advance, but is offered subject to availability and prevailing weather conditions. Children over the age of 12 are welcome at the discretion of the guide.

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The Malori, which means ‘dreamer’ in Tswana, puts the magical African night sky and the southern Kalahari wilderness within reach, without having to stray too far out of your comfort zone. This is a fully equipped safari tent on a raised platform, positioned to take in the savanna dunes rolling away to the west and the purple, velvety softness of the Korannaberg mountains to the east – from the bed, sunset and sunrise views will be equally spectacular. If you are feeling adventurous, roll the bed out onto the deck. There is enough space in the tent for extra camping beds for children.

This ‘under canvas’ star bed is a romantic choice for a couple, but is equally suitable for a family of four. A night at Malori needs to be booked in advance, carries an additional cost, and is offered subject to availability and prevailing weather conditions.