Photographic Safari

There are opportunities for guests of all levels of photographic ability to refine their skills on a photographic safari. The dramatic topography of the Korannaberg mountains, the arid savannah and characteristic red dunes make Tswalu a prime destination for iconic wildlife and landscape photography at any time of the year.


A photographic safari at Tswalu means you can take Iconic images at any time of the year


Tswalu guarantees a private vehicle with every booking, together with the undivided attention of a field guide and tracker, who have a deep understanding of animal behaviour and the lie of the land. Beginners will benefit from basic technical tips, while more experienced photographers will relish the time to improve their photography skills without time limits or having to consider other guests.


Your private vehicle, guide and tracker give you absolute flexibility


There is no limit to the duration of drives. With exclusive use of a private vehicle, guests can choose to stay out for as long as they want, depending on the weather conditions and time of the year. Guests do not need to queue for animal sightings, and can enjoy exclusivity at a sighting to get those perfect shots. There is space to position the vehicle and time to wait for the best light or the most interesting animal behaviour to be revealed.


Many photographic opportunities



Tswalu also offers private photographic tuition for all levels, from novice to experienced photographers. Our in-house photographic guide, Trevor Kleyn, combines his extensive bush knowledge and experience as a FGASA-qualified nature and lead trails guide to provide expert advice and hands-on tuition to guests who want to up their skills. Trevor honed his photography skills in destinations across Africa as well as in Iceland, Argentina, New Zealand, and USA. Learn more about Trevor here.



Novices will benefit from hands-on guidance when it comes to the basics, and experienced photographers will benefit from the photo opportunities that present themselves while spending time in the company of an experienced guide and wildlife photographer.

Those who are new to wildlife photography will learn the basics of photography, such as exposure, composition, selecting a suitable shutter speed, and depth of field, and then have the opportunity to put their new skills to the test by shooting in different conditions. The lesson ranges from basic settings to advanced positioning, depending on a guest’s level of skill. It also includes editing and processing in Lightroom in the Motse’s fully equipped Photographic Studio. On-site printing is available up to A1 size on either paper or canvas.



When booking a day with our private photographic guide, use of Tswalu’s fully equipped photographic safari vehicle is included. Like all Tswalu’s safari vehicles, the modified vehicle is a Land Rover. It is geared to meet the needs of a solo photographer but has plenty of space for a second guest. A rotating swivel seat allows for an uninterrupted, 270-degree arc and can be locked into position. The seat is fitted with a stabilising arm and platform for taking sharp, steady images, even with a long lens. There are also brackets, slings and bean bags to assist with stability and sharpness. Hatches cut into the sides of the vehicle allow the photographer to lie flat on a firm mattress to photograph animals at eye level.




Our specialist photographic guide is available at an additional cost of R9,500 per day and needs to be booked in advance. The rate includes:

  • Undivided attention of our specialist photographic guide while on safari, assisted by a dedicated, experienced tracker
  • 2 hours of informal classroom-style tuition to enhance your wildlife photography skills
  • Use of our photographic vehicle
  • Support and assistance with post-editing in Lightroom software, in the Photographic Studio at the Motse
  • 1 edited wildlife print per booking

A reminder that booking a day with our specialist guide is subject to availability, and must be confirmed when making an accommodation reservation to avoid disappointment.



Choosing the right equipment and knowing what to bring on a photographic safari is very important. Our specialist guide can provide advice or suggestions prior to arrival.



150 – 600mm ‘Sigma Contemporary’ zoom lenses are available for rental at a cost of R500 per day.



Guests can edit, crop and print their best images in the Photographic Studio located at the Motse. Editing is done in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom on an Apple Mac, and printing is available up to A1 size on either paper or canvas.


The best photographic safari. It exceeded expectations. Trevor is outstanding and William is excellent. It was AMAZING!
Ernest & Annie