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We invite you to find inspiration and learn more about Tswalu through our stories, or blog posts, written by members of our community as well as guest contributors. Browse by category to read about our luxury camps, guest experiences, scientific research projects, sustainability journey, culinary heritage, conservation successes and much, much more.

Summer, an unpredictable season in the Kalahari

Tswalu is a place to appreciate that the smallest things may actually be the biggest, to be patient, stay calm and safari at your own pace!

In the kitchen: Springbok, Samp and Beans

In this delicious dish, springbok loin is teamed with an African staple, samp and beans, bringing together South Africa’s rich culinary heritage but with a modern twist.

Travel, climate change and conservation

How tourism can help rather than hinder our efforts to preserve the natural world.

Dining sustainably at Restaurant Klein JAN

Restaurant Klein JAN was recently named International Hidden Gem in the La Liste 2022 Awards, putting Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and the Northern Cape province of South Africa on the global culinary map.

Ground pangolin’s diet and climate change

How does one go about studying the food preferences of one of the world’s most shy and elusive mammals? In a recent article researcher, Dr Wendy Panaino addressed the puzzle of what pangolins eat by collecting pangolin scats.

Private conservation experience

Sponsorship by a guest contributes directly to a credible and vital rhino conservation project, directly impacting the conservation of the species on the reserve.

Studying small mammals

Considering their large impact on ecosystems, small mammals - especially mice, sengis and shrews - are particularly useful indicators of habitat health.

In conversation with Melissa Biggs Bradley

Tswalu Kalahari is one of 21 hand-picked safari properties across Africa that made the final cut for Melissa Biggs Bradley’s new book, Safari Style - Exceptional African Lodges and Camps.

In the kitchen: Playing with pistachios

The Motse's pastry chefs recently played around with new dessert ideas using these fresh, local pistachios. The result, pistachio frangipane tart, is served as a dessert with Chantilly cream.