The Tswalu Foundation exists primarily to support ecological research at Tswalu. Through accumulating a growing body of quality output on the fauna, flora and the unique habitat of the southern Kalahari we have been able to make informed conservation management decisions to better support our shared vision. This information has been made freely available to our neighbours and other interested parties so that, as we seek to add to our shared understanding of this rich and diverse landscape, they too can care for the land in the best long-term interests of the wildlife and people of the Kalahari.


Tswalu represents a unique research opportunity for researchers to add to the collective knowledge of the Kalahari. Research is integrated into every aspect of life at Tswalu as it informs how we operate and adds an extra dimension to experiencing the reserve.


Research is a recurring feature of life at Tswalu and continues to both answer and raise questions about the best ways to conserve and restore the southern Kalahari. By adding to our knowledge, we realise more and more what we don’t know, but we are also able to design and implement more effective conservation policies.


During your stay at Tswalu, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with researchers studying iconic, rare and lesser-known species and witness scientific conservation in progress.