Dining at Tswalu is rooted in local heritage and cultural diversity and has become an integral part of our sustainability journey. In the kitchens of the Motse, Tarkuni and Restaurant Klein JAN, with every recipe and every menu our chefs are continually adding to the culinary story of the southern Kalahari and the Northern Cape. Every taste is a reminder of South Africa’s rich culinary heritage, interpreted in a fresh, modern way. Creating a refined, seasonal dining experience in the middle of a vast, remote reserve – food that also has an authentic sense of place – requires resourcefulness, creativity and team work. Almost everything is made from scratch. Our chefs, under the capable mentorship of executive chef, Marnus Scholly, are developing a pioneering, sustainable food culture in close collaboration with chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. Jan retains a Michelin star for Restaurant JAN in Nice, France, which opened in 2013. His vision of developing a sustainable food culture at Tswalu now finds expression at Restaurant Klein JAN, where a seasonal tasting menu celebrates the best of the region on the plate.

Whether out on a game drive, tucking into a picnic lunch or enjoying a barbecue dinner in the dunes, our food is consciously grounded in ethically sourced, regional produce sourced from dedicated, passionate farmers, artisans, makers and producers of all things edible from goat’s milk cheeses and nutritious, organic grains to camel milk and pasture-reared beef and lamb. The Northern Cape is also known for its pecans, pistachios, dates, citrus, grapes and dried fruits. The region’s surprising bounty include bottles from boutique, family owned wineries, adding to the depth of wines on our award-winning wine list, as well as small-batch craft brandies, gins and other typically South African spirits and liqueurs.

At Tswalu, dining is not confined to regular mealtimes but is part of almost every experience and food and drinks are there to be enjoyed at any time. From private dining on your veranda to a barbecue in the boma, dining often takes place outdoors to take advantage of the wonderful climate and the endless views. In addition, guests of the Motse camp and Tarkuni homestead are invited to experience one memorable meal at Klein JAN during their stay.

Dining options at Tswalu Kalahari