Tswalu Kalahari is brought vividly to life through a growing collection of videos, which depict the reserve’s dramatic beauty, varied landscapes, iconic Kalahari sightings, habituated meerkats, safari activities, and the elegance and privacy of our camps. For permission to use any of this content, contact Russel Binks [email protected]


Loapi Tented Camp


Measuring sustainability

Shayla Copas presents a luxury African adventure

Wild dogs hunting a herd of oryx

Importance of ear notching rhinos

Lions conserve their energy when not hunting

Rain renews and provides sustenance for all forms of life

Stars as sites of cultural meaning for the San

A pride of lions on a fresh kill

A rare daytime aardwolf sighting in summer

Lioness feeding on a zebra kill

Discovering rock art sites on a guided walk

Private, romantic safari to reconnect with nature and each other

Tswalu is a year-round destination for an immersive safari

The Green Kalahari

Pangolin pup foraging at a burrow entrance

Rhino Africa presents Africa up Close from Tswalu Kalahari

Tswalu turns into the Green Kalahari after summer rain

Gillian Condy Gallery

The Kalahari’s rare, endangered and elusive species

From dawn to dusk, a day on safari at Tswalu

The southern Kalahari is known for its diverse habitats

Iconic sightings from the southern Kalahari

Tswalu’s elusive, nocturnal species are worth tracking

Visiting a habituated meerkat colony

Advantages of a private vehicle safari

Tracking an elusive species, the pangolin

Tswalu is a place of new beginnings

Research, conservation and safari come together at Tswalu

A Tswalu safari is unique, exclusive and private

Research-based conservation through the Tswalu Foundation