A recent addition to the Tswalu Foundation, the Artist in Residence (AiR) program was initiated as a way to highlight local South African artists and their diversity of talent.  Visiting artists are encouraged to gain inspiration for their work from the vast expanses of the Kalahari and its varied landscapes, culture, fauna and flora.

Artists are selected by a core team of Foundation members as well as key input from Mark Read of the Everard Read gallery. Selected artists will be able to put forward suggestions for future AiR candidates thereby growing the outreach potential of the program.

Once a body of art has been completed the artist has the opportunity of exhibiting their work at the prestigious Everard Read gallery in Johannesburg. This generates exposure for not only the artist concerned and the Tswalu Foundation, but also for the incredible depth of talent that South African artists can bring to the art world.

A key feature of the AiR program is that all proceeds generated from the sale of artwork produced while an artist is involved with the program go towards funding environmental research on Tswalu and as such close the loop between environment, skills development and community.

To exhibit at Tswalu or apply to be considered for an artist in residence sabbatical here, please contact