Community | Jul 2019


As the face of Tswalu, our logo is an important part of our brand, and impacts much of the perception our audience has of us. It’s the first thing our guests see when they visit our website or social media pages and, indeed, when they arrive at the Tswalu airstrip to begin their safari.

The Tswalu logo was recently redesigned to coincide with the launch of the refurbished The Motse camp and the rebranding perfectly reflects our vision. The new logo was designed to resemble a petroglyph, an ancient rock engraving used to communicate and record events. Examples of such engravings made by the San people can be found at Tswalu. The history of the San people of respecting and preserving the land while also leaving their mark for future generations is mirrored in Tswalu’s creed: To leave our world better than how we found it.

Tswali represents a fresh chapter in the Kalahari’s evolution where new people are once again respecting and preserving the land and they too will leave their mark.

The tree as a symbol of growth and regeneration is mirrored in the meaning of Tswalu: a new beginning. The new beginning is not only for the Tswalu brand, but also for the communities and environment it rejuvenates. Trees have long been symbols of life, representing rejuvenation and growth.