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Tswalu, a destination safari

Whether you have experienced Tswalu’s dramatic landscapes or are yet to embark on that long-awaited safari to the southern Kalahari, we know that some of the facts we take for granted about this remote destination still come as a surprise to many of our guests.

Stars are small dark things

As you watch the sun sink into the Kalahari sands, turn to face the east as the shadow of the earth bleeds into the flushed sky, and the first stars appear.

People were once springboks

Gordon Cumming described how he stood on the fore chest of his wagon, watching the springboks pass like the flood of some great river, with nothing but springboks as far as the eye could see.

In the kitchen: Springbok, Samp and Beans

In this delicious dish, springbok loin is teamed with an African staple, samp and beans, bringing together South Africa’s rich culinary heritage but with a modern twist.

Dining sustainably at Restaurant Klein JAN

Restaurant Klein JAN was recently named International Hidden Gem in the La Liste 2022 Awards, putting Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and the Northern Cape province of South Africa on the global culinary map.

In the kitchen: Playing with pistachios

The Motse's pastry chefs recently played around with new dessert ideas using these fresh, local pistachios. The result, pistachio frangipane tart, is served as a dessert with Chantilly cream.

In the kitchen: Baking bread

Bread baking is taken seriously in Tswalu’s kitchens, and around 10 different types of bread are produced daily, from breakfast through to dinner. Potbrood, baked in a cast-iron pot over the coals, is a boma dinner favourite.

Upington Slaghuis, a family affair

In the Northern Cape town of Upington is the third-generation family business, Upington Slaghuis, or butchery, which supplies the kitchens of the Motse, Tarkuni and Restaurant Klein JAN with local, ethically sourced, quality meat.

The art of cheesemaking

Cheese, like any craft worth pursuing, is a commitment, but it can be an extremely rewarding one when approached with a patient enthusiasm.