Community | Aug 2019


The Tswalu Gallery, which opened on the private game reserve this week, is a beautiful space in the main building of the newly renovated Motse camp. It showcases the sculptures, paintings and sketches of a number of well-known local artists and offers a range of bespoke items including jewellery, clothing, handbags and baskets. Most of the items are private label or limited editions. Artists include wildlife artists Warren Cary and Coleen Williams and sculptors Michael Mawdsly and Sarah Richards.


The Gallery is a relaxed, comfortable space where guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while they browse the items for sale or simply appreciate the art and artefacts on display.

All profits from items sold in the gallery go to the Tswalu Foundation and are used to fund various research and community projects supported by the Foundation.

The Tswalu Foundation was created in 2008 as a result of the forward thinking of Mr Jonathan Oppenheimer and his love for the Kalahari. His vision was to develop a platform for local and international visitors to contribute to and involve themselves in local community projects and ecological research on Tswalu.

The Tswalu Foundation’s research programmes create a precious understanding of the Kalahari’s unique and under-examined flora and fauna, while the Foundation is also continually engaged in projects to help support the local community, including a preschool and clinic.