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Making photos for National Geographic

The photographer, Thomas Peschak, takes us behind the lens to reveal the creativity, patience, time and luck that went into these once-in-a-lifetime shots.

The hyenas that call Tswalu home

Neither dog nor cat, there are three species of the hyena family found in Southern Africa, namely the aardwolf, brown hyena and spotted hyena. All three occur in the Kalahari and have made Tswalu their home.

Meet Tswalu’s first sustainability officer

Sustainability and conservation - Prince Ngomane is tracking Tswalu Kalahari's sustainability journey in real time.

Richard Satekge’s 20-year journey with Tswalu

Knowing that he has played a role in restoring the historic biodiversity of a vast swathe of the southern Kalahari has been gratifying. “I helped Tswalu to become what it is now,” he says proudly.

Tswalu, a destination safari

Whether you have experienced Tswalu’s dramatic landscapes or are yet to embark on that long-awaited safari to the southern Kalahari, we know that some of the facts we take for granted about this remote destination still come as a surprise to many of our guests.

Value of microclimates in the Kalahari

If plants and animals can find small areas in their environment that provide shelter from harsh radiation, there is hope that they may cope when climate is not in their favour.

Travel, climate change and conservation

How tourism can help rather than hinder our efforts to preserve the natural world.

Ground pangolin’s diet and climate change

How does one go about studying the food preferences of one of the world’s most shy and elusive mammals? In a recent article researcher, Dr Wendy Panaino addressed the puzzle of what pangolins eat by collecting pangolin scats.

Private conservation experience

Sponsorship by a guest contributes directly to a credible and vital rhino conservation project, directly impacting the conservation of the species on the reserve.