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Meet Tswalu’s first sustainability officer

Sustainability and conservation - Prince Ngomane is tracking Tswalu Kalahari's sustainability journey in real time.

Richard Satekge’s 20-year journey with Tswalu

Knowing that he has played a role in restoring the historic biodiversity of a vast swathe of the southern Kalahari has been gratifying. “I helped Tswalu to become what it is now,” he says proudly.

Tswalu, a destination safari

Whether you have experienced Tswalu’s dramatic landscapes or are yet to embark on that long-awaited safari to the southern Kalahari, we know that some of the facts we take for granted about this remote destination still come as a surprise to many of our guests.

People were once springboks

Gordon Cumming described how he stood on the fore chest of his wagon, watching the springboks pass like the flood of some great river, with nothing but springboks as far as the eye could see.

Dining sustainably at Restaurant Klein JAN

Restaurant Klein JAN was recently named International Hidden Gem in the La Liste 2022 Awards, putting Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and the Northern Cape province of South Africa on the global culinary map.

Studying small mammals

Considering their large impact on ecosystems, small mammals - especially mice, sengis and shrews - are particularly useful indicators of habitat health.

Small things and the big picture

We tend to associate size with importance, both in terms of the role something plays in the world and how impressed we ought to feel in its presence.

When a pangolin sniffed my boot

One of the tagged pangolins became a central character in Leonie’s story. On her very first night, after several hours of following the pangolin’s tracks with the researchers through the dunes to its burrow, she had a once-in-a-lifetime experience.